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26 - 29 September, 2012

Erbil International Fairground, Erbil, Iraq


The Importance of “Hitech Computer and Communications Exhibition”
Given the importance of telecommunications and information systems, “AGE Iraq” has worked on creating the perfect platform for all information technology service providers to introduce their products and services at “Hitech Computer and Communications Exhibition”.

This exhibition will be held under the support of the Kurdistan Regional Government, in the period between 26 - 29 September, 2012 in Erbil International Fairground, an event that conveniently combines all those interested in IT developments and computer applications. This exhibition seeks in its policy to provoke all market segments to activate their investment in information technology in all fields of science and business, through the making, developing, and promoting computer applications in accordance with the right marketing channels between the producer (exporter) and the final consumer (importer), where a selection of important companies, training and employment centers, consulting centers will be invited to this exhibition, targeting the elite of specialists, programmers and experts in the sectors of telecommunications and information technology.

The concurrent of “Hitech Computer and Communications Exhibition” along with “Erbil Job Fair” and “Erbil Education and Training Fair” gives the exhibition additional value given the close relation between education, business and advanced technology and the extent of its importance in the digital information era.

Hitech Shopper Centre
In order to achieve the highest benefit for our participants we have dedicated a special pavilion for direct retailing during the exhibition “Hitech Shopper Centre” to attract the highest number of visitors interested in taking advantage of the best offers provided by the exhibitors in the “Hitech Shopper Centre” during the exhibition and directly buy their needs of (computers, printers, cameras, software, phones, tablet laptops…)

“Hitech Shopper centre” attracts a large number of digital and electronic products traders, as they consider the exhibition a good opportunity to introduce their products to a vast number of visitors from different categories. It is also considered as a chance to establish contacts and networks with other exhibitors and suppliers which will pave the way for future cooperation.

Exhibit Profile:
Hardware & Solutions
• Basic Computer Components and Accessories
• Computer Peripherals
• Photocopiers
• Fax Machines
• PC Gaming Peripherals
• Monitors and Accessories
• UPS Units
• Robots
• Home Entertainment Technology

• Communication Services and Solutions
• Mobile Phones and Accessories
• Switchboards
• Satellite and Receivers
• Cables, Data Transfer and Communications
• Fiber Optic and LAN Cables
• Communication Systems and Equipment

Software and Information Systems
• Educational and Engineering Software
• Operating Systems
• Programming Systems and Computer Applications
• Database Services Centers and Public Economical Services
• Multimedia Systems
• Computer Games
• Accounting and Management Systems
• Office Automation Systems
• Database Administration and Archiving Systems
• Banking Systems
• Global Positioning System (GPS)
• Industrial Automation and Control Systems
• Design, Printing and Advertising Systems and Applications, Using the Computer
• E-Government Applications


• Switching Hubs and Servers
• Cables and Accessories
• Networking software
• Wireless Network Equipment

• Internet Equipment and Supplies
• Global Network Equipment and Applications
• E-Commerce
• E-Marketing
• Internet Service Providers (ISP)
• Web Applications
• Web Hosting and Design

Smart Card Technology
• ATM Machines
• Smartcard Readers
• Authentication Systems and Equipment
• Information Systems Security

Service Providers and Specialized Agencies
• Communications Companies
• Books and Magazines
• Specialized References
• Computer Centers and Institutes


Visitors Profile:


• Programmers, Designers and Developers
• Communications Engineers
• Maintenance and Networks Technicians
• IT Engineers
• Administrators and Department Managers
• Agents and Distributors
• Businessmen and Companies Owners
• The Interested in this Sector








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