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26 - 29 September, 2012

Erbil International Fairground, Erbil, Iraq


The Importance of Vocational Rehabilitation

The importance of human resources vocational development in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq stands out through two main points:
* The rehabilitation of the unemployed workforce according to markets needs, to allow them to participate in the development process, by enrolling them in the training and technical centers adopted by the Kurdistan Regional Government.
* Develop the trained competencies to allow them to convoy with the latest updates and developments their fields, according to modern standards in all business areas

The importance of Participating in the Exhibition

Kurdistan Regional Government has worked on developing its infrastructure by working on attracting the foreign investments and developing its own abilities, the need for trained competencies has reached its peak, when all these investments entered the market, looking to the size of investing companies and the private companies operating in the region, we can expect the size of the need for trained human capital, adding to that the widening of Kurdistan Regional Government activities circle, and the Regional Government increased need to trained qualified expertise, hence, thousands of job seekers will flock to the exhibition looking for the best jobs suiting their specialties , and on the other hand the exhibition will attract the seekers for professional training to develop their abilities, individually or through the companies wishing to develop their human capital to keep up with the market demand, the exhibition will also give the unemployed individuals the perfect opportunity to read the labor market needs and the best job opportunities, in order to choose the best training programs to develop their abilities accordingly.

It’s also important to mention that the concurrent of “Erbil Job Fair” with “Erbil Education and Training Fair” gives the exhibition visitors from students and graduates an important opportunity to decide the directions of their educational plans to meet the requirements of the labor market, which is considered as an additional value for both exhibitions given the close relation between education and business, as the “Erbil Education and Training Fair” Focuses on creating the human resources to be eligible to work in all fields of society, and “Erbil Job Fair” on the need for qualified human capital and how to use it to perform its functions according to the scientific foundations and adopted standards.

As a result came “Erbil Job Fair” which will be held under the support of the Kurdistan Regional Government in the period between 26 - 29 September 2012 in Erbil International Fairground, to be the link between all sectors, where the elite of companies, training and employment centers and consulting centers will be participating.


Exhibit Profile:
* Ministries and Government Bodies
* Employment Agencies and Recruiting Offices
* Oil and Gas Companies
* Transportation Companies
* The Financial Sector (Insurance, Accounting and Auditing)
* Banks
* Communications Companies
* Commercial Companies
* Tourism and Hospitality Sector
* Recruitment Consultancy
* Vocational Guidance Centers
* Professional Training Institutes
* Specialized Websites
Visitors Profile:
* Job Seekers
* Government Representatives
* Private Companies Managers
* Human Resource Managers
* Researchers for Vocational and Technical Training
* Students and Graduates
* Professional Associations and Trade Organizations
* Trainers
* Consultants




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