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The Republic of Iraq is considered one of the most important countries in the Middle East bordering the Arabian Gulf. The Regional location of Iraq acquires a great importance as in addition to being considered the shortest route between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, it is considered a great consuming market with a population of 31,234,000 people and its located in a market including more than two hundred million people, making it a pivotal country in the region in all measures.


Kurdistan Region, Iraq

Kurdistan Region is one of the most significant economic resources of the country with its three main provinces: Sulaymaniyah, Dohuk and the capital of the region: Erbil; with a number of population that reaches 4.389.258 in Kurdistan Region, 1,532,081 in Erbil alone, the region is considered the countryís window towards Europe and the west through the gate of Turkey, its safety and stability played a huge role in the growth of its economy and in attracting a lot of foreign investments in various sectors, which in return helped in its development and prosperity more rapidly than other regions in the country.


Education Reality in Kurdistan Iraq

Over the past few years, Kurdistan Regional Government has taken important steps in all fields, including the field of education for all ages groups, the region witnessed an important and comprehensive renaissance in the field of edification with an increase in enrollment levels of students in the educational age (6-23) by 94.6%, as The Kurdistan Regional Government has given great importance to increasing the number of enrolled students, in all educational stages and levels, the number of universities has raised in a noticeable way from three universities in the year of 2003 to reach 18 universities by the end of 2009, the same raise in numbers happened with the institutions and technical colleges from 13 to reach 23 institutions and three technical colleges, in addition to a great number of educational organization being licensed, not mentioning the European and American educational centers of the diplomatic missions in the region.


Itís also important to mention the huge development in the Growth rates of national income which increased from 976,794 Dinar in 2003 to reach 6,858,750 in 2008 equivalent  to 602.2%, all this will reflect on the students ability to afford the fees of studying abroad, and on the scholarships offered by the Kurdistan Regional Government.


Based on the Kurdistan Regional Government keenness to adopt international norms and standards for the education quality development in various phases, by making comprehensive change and development in the content of the teaching methods, the Kurdistan Regional Government has allocated a significant amount of its budget to commensurate with its approaches to the development of this sector, through the following basic notes:

  • Increasing the allocated funds for dispatching the students of Kurdistan to the highest and most important universities and higher education institutions in the world.

  • Follow-up the development of infrastructure and services needed for educational facilities, to commensurate with the size of the growing student enrollment, and to allow education opportunities for all.

  • Working on modernizing and developing the curriculum of different educational levels, in accordance with the labor market requirements.

  • Increasing the financial allocations for getting the modern educational requirements (libraries, modern laboratories, educational technology, and means of explanation and clarification ....).

  • Developing the capacity of administrative and teaching staffs by increasing their knowledge, educational skills and keeping them updated with the latest developments and in the field of their professions and specialties.